Neptune Road to Hadrian Road

Guide Notes

At path junction take left hand fork down zig zag ramp and cross Neptune Road, up the ramp on otherside, ahead to pass under Benton Way road bridge and into

North Tyneside


Remains of Hadrian's Wall at Segedunum - Wallsend

Hadrian's Cycleway crosses the Roman Wall at Segedunum, remains can be seen either side of the cycle track, this was a spur wall between the Fort and the River Tyne.
In Roman times this was the lowest point at which the river could be forded.
Wallsend as the name implies was the end of the Wall or more correctly the start !!

Swan Hunters shipyard with its many tall cranes can be seen on the right.

168.0 Ahead towards a tall white observation Tower at Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths & Museum (L), over a small bridge ** and skirt the car park.
Cross Swan Hunter's access road and ahead to pass beneath a "Red Arch".
168.4 Up to the roundabout on segregated cycle path and cross over to continue on shared use path on north side of Hadrian Road passing Hadrian Road Metro Station (L) and Pedesrian crossing.

Down river to South Shields and Tynemouth

Up river to Newcastle

** Link to Wallsend Bus and Metro Station and AD122 Hadrian's Wall Bus
Opposite the large direction sign
- turn left and leave the cycleway - cross straight over at traffic lights and 100m turn left into Bus Station before Metro rail bridge. 


Coins & Wheels
Red Arch

Segedunum Roman Fort,Bath House, Museum,
Observation Tower and Hadrian's Wall