Recreational Routes

There are several routes in Gateshead that are predominantly off-road - these combined with short links allow for numerous circular or out and back rides to be undertaken offering a wide variety of terrain - from dead flat to steep climbs, through urban and rural landscapes,
to suit both the novice and the experienced cyclist.

Several of these routes are also suitable for commuting.

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Keelman's Way - NCN 14 and NCN 141
Wylam along the new NCN 141 to Derwenthugh rail bridge to join NCN 14 to Bill Quay.
Following the south bank of the River Tyne. 14 miles long. Also forms part of National Cycle Network route 14 and the Sea to Sea (C2C) route. Also several cross river links to Hadrian's Cycleway NCN 72 via the Wylam, Newburn, Scotswood, Swing and Gateshead Millennium Bridges, and connects with several other cycle routes.
Continues eastwards to South Shields as NCN 14 Keelmans Way to South Shields Ferry.
Derwenthaugh Park & Derwent Walk - NCN 14
Rowlands Gill to Blaydon - 3 miles long. Forms part of NCN 14 and C2C. Easy downhill from Rowlands Gill to the mouth of the River Derwent and the River Tyne.
Continues southwards to Consett as NCN 14.

Bowes Railway Path - (Regional Cycle Route 11)
Wardley to Tanfield Railway Path around southern edge of Gateshead - 8.5 mile long following the trackbed and inclines of the Bowes Railway. A hilly route with two summits - climbing up from Wardley to Springwell then steeply down hill into the Team Valley before a steady climb up again to meet the Tanfield Raiway Path.
Continues eastwards to Jarrow as the Monkton Cycleway to join NCN 14 and also southwards via Beamish Museum to Stanley to join NCN 7

Teams Colliery Waggonway - Local route
Pelaw to Team Valley via Wrekenton - about 6 miles long - a hilly route with long steady climb up from Pelaw to Wrekenton partly on road followed by a steep descent into the Team Valley.

Teams Cycleway - Local route
New off-road link between Keelmans Way (NCN 14) Staiths South Bank and Lobby Hill providing a much more direct route to the Tanfield Railway Path. Short section on road which will be eliminated later when development work finished.

Tanfield Railway Path - Local route
Tanfield Railway to Teams - 4 miles long - following the trackbed and inclines of the Tanfield Railway.
Downhill all the way from Tanfield Railway to Dunston falling over 550 feet, where it connects end on with Teams Cycleway.
Eslington Park Cycleway
Off-road path through Eslington Park between Lobby Hill Road and the bridge over A184 where it links with the Teams Cycleway.
Cross Lane Cycleway - Local Route
MetroCentre to Watergate Country Park
linking NCN 14 Keelman's Way to the Tanfield Railway Path.
Clockburn Lonnen - Local Route
Connecting the Derwent Walk and NCN 14 (over Butterfly Bridge) via Clockburn Lonnen to the Tanfield Railway Path at Sunniside.
There is a steep rough track up Clockburn Lonnen from the Derwent Walk.
Blaydon Burn Cycle Path - Local Route
Leaves the Keelman's Way - heading south along the valley to Blaydon Burn - about 1.5 miles.

Connecting Links
There are several links that allow circular rides around Gateshead

Links 1 and 2
Connecting the Keelman's Way, Team Waggonway and Bowes Railway Path near Wardley.

Link 3 and 4
Connecting the Team Waggonway and Bowes Railway Path at Leam Lane and Springwell.

Links to the National Cycle Network outside Gateshead

There are several links from NCN 14 Keelman's Way to NCN 72 Hadrian's Cycleway via
Wylam Bridge, Newburn Bridge, Scotswood Bridge, Swing Bridge and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.
From Rowlands Gill NCN 14 continues south on the Derwent Walk to Consett.
From Pelaw NCN 14 continues east along the south bank to finish in South Shields
Bowes Railway Path
From Marley Hill RCR 11 continues south to join NCN 7 - C2C near Stanley.
Near Kibblesworth there is also a branch of RCR11 to NCN 7 - C2C via Beamish Museum.
The Bowes Railway Path RCR 11 continues north eastwards to join NCN 14 at Jarrow
The Tanfield Railway Path at Marley Hill connects to Stanley NCN 7 - C2C via RCR 11

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