Cycle Parking

Updated November 2006

Gateshead Council provides an increasing number of cycle parking facilities throughout the borough with provision for both long and short term parking at shopping centres, leisure centres, council offices, transport bus and Metro stations.

It also actively encourages employers to provide cycle parking at places of work.

Cycle parking is shown on the two Gateshead Cycle maps by - Lockers Racks

Short Term Cycle Parking

Short term cycle parking is provided using Sheffield stands, as seen in the photo above which can secure up to six bikes. Each year more stands are installed, the latest being at the MetroCentre where 64 stands are now in place with 6 racks at each entrance plus 34 racks in the Blue Car Park all of which are under cover.

for full list of cycle parking locations

Long Term Cycle Parking using Lockers

Lockers at Heworth Metro Station

Number of Lockers
Heworth Metro Station 4 - (B)
Felling Metro Station 4 - (?)
Ryton Hub, Main Road 4 - (A)
Gateshead Interchange, Metro Station 4 - (B)
Blaydon Swimming Pool, Shibdon Road, Blaydon 4 - (A)
Dunston Swimming Pool, Dunston Bank, Dunston 4 - (A)
Birtley Swimming Pool, Durham Road, Birtly 4 - (A)
Gateshead Civic Centre Car Park, Regent Street 4 - (A)
Gateshead Central Library, Prince Consort Road 4 - (A)

A = Hasp and Staple locking mechanism on a "First Come First Served" basis
B = Reserved lockers - Key operated obtainable from Nexus