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Route 6 + Nutbrook
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Derby to Burton-on-Trent

Derby to Etwall

Derby to Uttoxeter




Routes 54 and 68





Les Sims

Alan Locke


Derby to Osgathorpe


Route 6

David Rawlings

Derby to Long Eaton

Route 6

Tony Allcock

Long Eaton to Heanor

(The Nutbrook Trail)

Route 67

Clyde Hinton

Etwall to Burton-on-Trent

Route 54 ( Burton-on Trent)

Shawn Brotherhood

Derby to Little Eaton

Route 54 Extension

Martin Aldred

Derby to Lime Lane

NCN Route 66

John Swan

Derby orbital

Local Route 66

Derby Orbital

Derby City Council

We also have a Route Information Ranger, so if you require the latest news on a Derby route or want information as to the quality of the track, Contact Volunteer Ranger
Peter Ford

Rangers Contact Page

To contact our Rangers

Find the name in the table below for the E-mail link



Other useful contacts are listed below

Contact for the Inner City Cycleways is the Derby Cycling Group Who have a representative attending regular council meetings. They will also be interested in dangerous road junctions and overlarge potholes (over 40mm deep) which are

within the City Boundaries.

Do not forget, if your problem deals with a matter of Law Breaking, the phone number for

The Local police services are:

Derby Police on: 0845 1233333

Nottingham Police on: 0115 948 2999

Ripley Police on: 01773 570100

Buxton Police on: 01298 72100

With problems of Lighting, Safety, Offending trees/shrubs etc.

contact Derby City Council Customer Services or phone 01332 715000.

We would like to know if there are problems
on our routes. Especially those of graffiti
vandalism or illegal motorcycling
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