Derbyshire Cycle Network

There are frequent cycle rides organized by our Local Rangers to which all are invited, No ride can be called difficult, but for the benefit of a person returning to cycling we almost always quote an approximate mileage.

      Our resident rail expert is also creating a season of rides using rail as a get you there process. These rides have fast become an enjoyable day out for the participants, so, if interested click below to find out more.     

For more adventurous travellers, there is an excellent introduction and list of the different rules for differing rail services, here:
National Cycle Network, the Rangers
  The Rangers of the National Cycle Network are all volunteers. There are 2300 of them at this time looking after the cycle tracks around the UK. Each has duties such as checking the signing along the trails, organizing work parties for clearing up glass and litter and keeping vegetation cut back.

 But all is not work; there are Ranger rides and weekends which add to the interest and knowledge of the Rangers. This is altogether a worthwhile cause if you are at all interested in cycling, walking or green issues in general.

Sustrans Rangers

In addition they are keeping an eye on Sustrans-owned ground, including disused railway lines and other sites which may be part of the open or future National Cycle Network routes.


The Rangers also do office work, organise cycle events, and report problems which occur along the routes


You may become actively involved in Sustrans,by contacting the Sustrans Information Line:
0117 929 0888


or e-mail at    (please include your postal address, as this may enable a fuller response).


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