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Route 68 North
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Route 68 starts out from the rear of the Railway Station. In fact if you arrive into Derby by train, do not exit at the front of the station where there are busy roads. Go over the top of the platforms by the bridge, down in the lift, and exit at the rear of the station. Here you will find a cycle path taking you alongside the river to the centre of Derby, and joining up with other main cycle routes at Exeter bridge. See the details in the map below.

Route 54 and Route 68 join together from Exeter Bridge and rise slowly up to their highest point of Mickleover, here they join with the old GNWR Railway, now a cycle track. From there they descend four miles to Etwall where the Route 68 turns North following quiet roads to Ashbourne and the Tissington trail. It is from this point that those who wish to take the Pennine Way to Berwick-on-Tweed (350 Miles) will start to find the Derby hills. For a fuller description of the Pennine route see this web site.  It is not a route for the fainthearted.  

Route 54 continues on a well made cycle path to Egginton before joining quiet roads.

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