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Last updated 10th. March 2016

This is a page containing tips and advice, about Hadrian's Cycleway.
It is here for anyone who has recently ridden the route to post anything which you think
may help others plan their trip i.e. route closures and diversions, road works or even
dodgy corners, slippery bridge surfaces etc. which you have encountered on your travels.

Please e-mail me here with the details

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The section from Bywell (mile 147.8 ) eastwards along the Tyne to The Alders(mile 149.2 ) is CLOSED due a landslip where route was close the the River Tyne.
Diversion from A is via B6309 - Ovington - The Alders B and onto Ovingham.
This means a 100m climb & descent !!

The Diversion is signed between A & B via Ovington.


Ovingham Bridge: Road bridgecurrently closed due to flood damage and pedestrians and cyclists have to use the foot bridge BUT must walk across.

Ovingham Bridge ( mile 150.1 ) to Hagg Bank Farm (mile 152.0 )
This section has been badly damaged by floods with sections of the tarmac track torn up.
The route was also blocked by huge mounds of debris and covered in thick mud swept down by the River Tyne.
The track is now open but surface has yet to be re-surfaced.


Tyne Pedestrian & Cycle Tunnel will now not now open until 2017.
Due to the unexpected prescence of asbestos in the tunnel lings the work will take 6 mounths longer.

This is to allow a £4.9 million refurbishment which will include the replacement of two of the original escalators with inclined lifts and the replacement of the tunnels’ ageing mechanical and electrical systems.

During the closure, a free, timetabled shuttle bus service for pedestrians and cyclists will operate between the tunnel entrances from 6am and 8pm, 7 days a week. A night service will also be provided by tunnel operators TT2 for night shift workers who pre-register. to allow improvements to be made to the surface.




Ravenglass to Silloth now Offficially OPEN.
The whole route between Ravenglass and South Shields is now officially fully open. Some sections in Cumbriua will be upgraded as funds become available in the future.

Mile 38.4 to 43.0:- B5300 Road Bank End to Old Kiln via Allonby
A new traffic free route is now open alongside the B5300 road, there are two road crossings to avoid ecological sites and an area of coastal errosion.

Mile 156.8 to 158.9 Newburn - Lemington new route now open and fully signed
Old route via riverside which was subject to flooding now only a local cycle route and not part of the National Cycle Route or Hadrian's Cycleway

Mile 169.2 to 169.4, Willington Quay - new traffic free track now open and fully signed
At end of on-road cycle lane BEFORE Albion Inn, turn left to join new track, now fully signed.

Tyne Pedestrian & Cycle Tunnel CLOSING May 20th for 12 Months.
The historic Grade II-listed Tyne Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnels will close
for refurbishment on 20 May 2013 for around 12 months

This is to allow a £4.9 million refurbishment which will include the replacement of two of the original escalators with inclined lifts and the replacement of the tunnels’ ageing mechanical and electrical systems.

During the closure, a free, timetabled shuttle bus service for pedestrians and cyclists will operate between the tunnel entrances from 6am and 8pm, 7 days a week. A night service will also be provided by tunnel operators TT2 for night shift workers who pre-register. to allow improvements to be made to the surface.



Mile 125.5 Vindolanda - Storm damage to road
If this section of road that passes Vindolanda from the Vistors car park down to the bottom of the steep hill is storm damaged by water run off with the surface is badly eroded and pot holed.
TAKE CARE ON THIS SECTION - especially when riding downhill from Smiths Shield.



Mile 156.9 Shelley Road - Newburn - Newcastle
If this section is flooded use the short path through the trees, which has be cut by local Sustrans rangers - look for the short posts with YELLOW diversion signs at each end.
Water can be very deep - above bottom bracket and road surface has lots of hidden loose stone and debris

Mile 113.5 to 114.5 Greenhead
Following the very severe storms and flooding in the North East on June 28th. the traffic free path alongside the B6318 road is very badly water eroded. If using the path take great care especially if going west bound downhill. Use road to bypass this section until repairs vcan be made.

Mile 164.0 Ouseburn Quayside - Newcastle
New cafe and cycle shop/hire open at The Cycle Hub.
For more information see Bike Hire / Bike Shop / Food & Drink pages

Mile 156.9 Shelley Road - Newburn - Newcastle
The section of route at the east end of Shelley Road floods after rain, due to poor drainage and becomes impassable. Instead follow the alternative route via Lemington.
At tall sign post at Mile 156.4 keep ahead on wide tarmac path (do not turn right down ramp).
Continue aheadon wide path (Hadrian's Way) passing below two bridges until you reach Neptune Road, turn right downhill to junction with Scotswood Road then turn left along tarmac path and pavement to the roundabout - use Toucan Crossing to re-join main route along the riverside promenade at mile 158.4
The riverside section via Shelley Road is to be discontinued as NCN 72 and alternative route via Lemington will become NCN 72 once again. It is hoped that this new route will be fully signed soon.

Alternative route now signed using YELLOW DIVERSION signs.


Mile 169.6 to 170.0 North Tyneside.
Following the construction of the new road tunnnel, the path follows a slightly different route to the east of the A19 bridge giving good views of the 2nd Tyne Road Tunnel toll plaza area.

Mile 159.5 - Scotswood - 5-way junction.
The 4-way Millennium Sign Post was stolen in Dec. 2010. This has now been replaced by new separate signs on each approach to this complex junction with cross river link to NCN 14 - C2C. The top now redundant signs are to be removed soon.

Eastbound sign
Westbound sign

The replacement bridge over the River Derwent has now been installed.

Shields Ferry - Mile 172.5
Fare have been increased single fare £1.25 no return fares now available.
Day Saver ticket £2.30 - bikes are still free.

Hadrian's Wall Bus AD 122 - 2011
This bus service now starts from Newcastle Central Station and runs to Carlisle where a change of bus is required for most onward journeys to Bowness on Solway.
For full time table details / cost / booking bikes etc click here.

Information for Tandam, Recumbant and Tricycle users

There are some sections of Hadrian's Cycleway that may pose problems for those riding unusual bikes.
I will try and list the problem sections and give guidance on a way around the section involved.
If you know of any other problem areas please let me know.
The footbridge alongside the rail viaduct is very narrow - recumbents and tricycles may find it difficult to cross. Alternative is the tidal ford at very low tide or on road via A595(T).
The route via the Pack Horse Bridge, mile 3.0 to 4.3 is only suitable for Hybrid or Mountain bikes.
Use A595(T) road via Holmrook.
There are several barriers between Moor Row mile 18 to 22 but you should be able to pass OK.
Use the on-road option between mile 33.0 to 35.7
Carlisle Riverside
Barriers and steps on riverside track and kissing gate at entrance to Rickerby Park via Memorial Bridge.
It is best to bypass this section by staying on road between mile 85.7 and 89.1 and pass Carlilse Castle then over A7 Eden Bridge to rejoin Hadrian's Cycleway in Rickerby Park.
See map below showing alternative route on road
The two level crossings can be avoided by staying on the riverside path through Tyne Green Park
Ryton Island - mile 155.2.
The kissing gate and horse step can be avoided by using the on-road option. At end of Wylam Waggonway continue ahead on road to T-jcn - turn right back to join the riverside path.
Barriers on the Walker section have been re-installed BUT now have proper bypasses which should not be a problem for Most bike no.

New Sustrans Hadrian's Cycleway map published
This new edition price £6.99 shows all the latest route changes and is available on line from Sustrans at:

n.b. The route is now designated as a Challenge route.

Mile 170.5 East Howdon Bypass - North Tyneside
The new track between the A19 bridge and the East Howdon bypass is now complete and in use.
The new track overlooks the toll plaza for the 2nd Tyne Road Tunnel and crosses what will become a bus only road into the new road tunnel.
The East Howdon bypass is now back in use on both carriageways and a new light controlled crossing will be installed soon, meanwhile take care in crossing this busy road as all road traffic now uses this to access the new road tunnel southbound plus there is still lots of construction traffic still moving around the site.


Unsigned junction - eastbound at Brampton - Mile 102.0 (20th. Sept. 2010)
There is an unsigned junction on the entry into Brampton at Mile 102.0. Aaron's Town
After passing under the A69(T) road - continue uphill to an acute junction.
Bear RIGHT and 100 yards turn at cross road turn LEFT downhill on Gelt Road.
At bottom of hill turn RIGHT to enter the Market Place from the west.

If you over shoot turn LEFT at cross roads near hospital and enter Market Place from the east side at mile 103.

Carlisle - Rickerby Park - Aug. 9th 2010
Mile 88.7 -This advice from Richard Litt
When travelling over the Memorial Bridge in Rickerby Park Carlisle, in the wet, it is advisable to get off and walk. The bridge walkway is constructed with wooden boards which are not covered and there are no warning signs. We had a nasty fall on the bridge during rain. Even walking with cycle shoes on can be a challenge.

Ovingham Bridge
Mile 150.3 - the sign post and signs at the southern end of the bridge has been removed due to subsidence and corrosion.Turn right into the Tyne Riverside Park Vistor Centre car park and loop back under Ovingham Bridge onto the riverside path leading to Wylam. Temporary signs should be in place soon.

Vindolanda - Cafe
Mile 125.5 - the management for Vindolanda will NOT allow cyclists to use the cafe unless they pay the entry fee into the museum site, £10. Nearest cafe / pub are at Twice Brewed on the Military Road ( 1 mile detour from Smiths Shield Mile 124.4) or in Newbrough - mile 132.0

Wylam Waggonway - mile 150.5 to 156.
This section can be very busy (especially at weekends) and is shared with walkers and horse riders. Part of the eastern section is also used by the Hadrian's Wall National Walking Trail.There have been many complaints from walkers about inconsiderate cyclists pushing past at speed without any warning.
Please when approaching other users - especially from behind - ring your bell or call out to give a warning and if they step aside to let you pass please give them thank you.

Problems due to Tree Roots - Newcastle section - July 2009
Tree roots have lifted the surface of several sections of tarmac surfaced track through Newcastle along Hadrian's Way. The sections worst affected are at Scotswood between mile 159 - 160 and between St. Peters to Low Walker mile 164.5 to 167.0. Several areas were repaired during last winter and the remainder will be repaired as soon as the growing season is over - meanwhile take care on these sections.

Greenhead - mile 114.0
The surface of the traffic free path up alongside the B6318 road has been damaged by the prolonged wet weather this year. It is reported to have a very loose stone surface and is difficult to ride up - you may need to push, once up the steep 1:6 section it is ridable OK.
If traveling westwards take care when descending on the loose surface.
If using a road bike recommend you use the road but beware fast traffic.

Latest news:- the path is to resurfaced using an anit-skid tarmac material.

Carlisle Riverside - mile 85.6 to 87.4
Some parts of the riverside route will be difficult for tandems, trikes or those with trailers.
To avoid the access control barriers and steps on the riverside follow route shown on map below.
To avoid the kissing gate into Rickerby Park after crossing the Memorial Bridge over the River Eden, follow the main road past the castle and cross the R. Eden on the A7, bear right onto the Brampton Road and then bear right down into Rickerby Park

Alternative route - eastbound:-
Mile 85.6 - Stay on the road into Carlisle and do not take the Marconi Road turn.
Follow the B5307 Newtown Road.
At the roundabout on the A595 (Bridge Street) move onto the cyclepath on your left*.
Pass over the river and rail bridge and turn left immediately, just in front of the castle.
90m down this road (Devonshire Walk) take the slip lane to the left.
In 100m this rejoins the cycleway at Sheepmount.
Turn right onto the cycle way along the wood-lined track in Bitts Park - point B.

Alternative Route - Westbound
Before the Sheepmount bridge turn left and follow 100m to join road (Devonshire Walk) - 90m turn right onto the cycle way over the bridge over railway and river.
Before the A595 roundabout, cross the road at the pedestrian crossing then right up the B5307 past the hospital. Take the Brough Road on your right. Your are then back on the route at point A.

The "Red Arch" - Wallsend - mile 168.2
The arch at the end of the rail path from Newcastle has now been re-painted in its original colour and HADRIAN'S CYCLEWAY script plus Roman Helmet logo added on both sides.
This makes a good back drop for photos of your ride

New Route NOW Open at Flimby - mile 35.0 to 35.0
The new bridge over the stream is now in place and the new route is now in use.

Photo of new bridge taken just before completion

The subway under the railway at Risehow - mile 35 - is also now in use - see photos
This new section provides a safe route avoiding the very busy A596(T) road.

Take care at the 2 road crossings over the A596(T) at each end of the new section.

Cordless Trip Computers
When passing the very large aerial array at Anthorn - mile 68 to 71 you may notice your cordless trip computer is not functioning - this is due to interference from the signals broadcast from these aerials. The BBC Time signal is transmitted from here along with other more secret stuff.

4/10/2007 - Hadrian's Cycleway now mapped on &
For index of HCW route sections currently available click

3rd. Oct. 2007 Workington - mile 30.2
The Pow Street tunnel underpass, Central Way, has been made one-way northbound, with no provision for southbound cyclists !!!
See this link for full newspaper report and local reaction !!

CYCLIST DISMOUNT signs are to be erected for southbound riders who should walk through the underpass.

Looking northwards at the Pow Street Underpass
OK to cycle Northbound as shown - southbound cyclists should dismount and walk.

May 21st - Seascale to Sellafield foreshore path, mile 7.0 to 8.0
Work has now been completed on improving the foreshore path between Seascale and the River Calder rail bridge at Sellafield by by exposing the original tarmac path, widening the concrete sleeper section and by laying Netpave panels over the soft sand patches. The path beneath the rail bridge has been NetPaved and a spiral ramp up to the pedestrian bridge improved also.
Beware of the Low Headroom under the rail bridge.
This work was funded by BNFL and carried out by Sustrans maintenance staff.



The advice given below is still in effect

Muncaster Guest House - 6/9/2005
The "bridleway" section from Ravenglass to Drigg is very narrow and unsuitable for tandems.
In parts even tricky for solo riders
Doug says - the bridle way route from Saltcoates to Drigg via Holme Packhorse Bridge is NOT at present part of Hadrian's Cycleway & will not be until it is reconstructed to NCN standards which is some time off - the path gets extremely muddy after wet weather and is NOT recommended for any bikes. The unmarked path around the field edge is bumpy.
It is recommended you use the A595 road via Holmrook to Drigg.

The advice below is still in effect

7/9/2004 Secure Car Parking on Tyneside and Transport to Cumbria

This report received from Deanna Robinson from Linconshire who rode Hadrian's Cycleway at the end of August Thanks for the advice on leaving the car at Hadrian Lodge Hotel, it worked well and in fact made us change our travel arrangements to the West side.Leaving the car and having the bag delivered on the final day at Hadrian's Lodge Hotel meant we only had to retrace a few miles from Tynemouth. If you stay at the Hotel the night before there is no charge for leaving the car there - (otherwise £2.00 per day) but make sure you leave the car registration or you get clamped - apparently it's very strictly controlled, so no leaving it to chance.
The bag was kept in a locked room and they have a locked indoor facility for keeping bikes too.
Originally we were going to take the Arriva train from Newcastle but there were a couple of difficulties with this - we discovered that each train is supposed to only take 2 bikes on board, some drivers are more lenient but if not we would have had to have travelled on separate trains, in addition to which you can't book the bikes on the train in advance so if others were there before us it could have spread the journey out somewhat. Also, we had the problem of changing at Carlisle or doing the journey out to the coast and then back. So ......We decided to take the Hadrian's Wall bus 'AD122' which worked brilliantly. It can take up to 4 bikes which you can book in advance. It starts at Newcastle Central Station (very handy for Hadrian Lodge Hotel - 1/2 mile to the east) and goes all the way out to Bowness
Click here for map showing location of Hadrian Lodge Hotel and Wallsend Metro Station

Newcastle Quayside - 18/03/2004
Along the riverside promenades are scattered short bollards across the width of the paving - these are only approx. 500 mm high and painted black all over. If in a large close knit group of riders it can be easy NOT to spot these and run into them. Most are to be found in the area below the bridges and outside the Copthorne Hotel