Millennium Mileposts - Hadrian's Cycleway

McColl Type

Rowe Type

Mills Type

Along the National Cycle Network routes you will find cast iron mileposts in a variety of designs and markings.

These mileposts make up what Sustrans call the 'Time Trail' and are often used to mark the opening of each new section of the Network.

There are nearly 1000 of them in place and are designed to mark the way rather like mediaeval stone crosses.

There are four different designs of Mileposts, each depicting a different theme.......

The first was designed by John Mills and is called 'The Fossil Tree', this post takes the form of an abstract tree with relief imagery of fossils depicting the passage of time from early primitive creatures to the ultimate demise of fossil fuel driven technology.

The Scottish sculpture Iain McColl designed the second post entitled The Cockerill. Influenced by Miro's 'The Fork' and Branusci's 'The Cock'.

The third post, by Welsh artist Andrew Rowe, is based upon the nautical and industrial heritage of his native Swansea and has up to four directional flanges.

The final post is titled 'Tracks' and is by Belfast artist David Dudgeon. The main design shows the tracks left in the landscape by cyclists and is complemented by a piece of text exploring sensations and observations felt whilst traveling through various environments.

Although each post has been designed by an artist from each of the four countries, the posts are spread throughout the United Kingdom.

On each of the posts are engraved metal discs with pictures and letters; these relate to the ubiquitous theme of Time and make up a kind of treasure hunt on bikes. For the truly dedicated puzzle addicts amongst you this will pose a considerable challenge to solve. If you don't really want to go such extremes you can, by taking rubbings (place a sheet of paper over them and rub all over with a wax crayon or pencil) of the discs, keep a record of your journey and apply to Sustrans for special souvenirs called Time Treasures.

You won't have to travel all over the country to collect the engravings however as Sustrans have divided the country up into 9 regions and placed at least 2 copies of each Time Trail symbol in every region. Mileposts will be arranged so that the first two sets can often be collected during a single ride near a large town.

The 1000 Millennium Mileposts located around the National Cycle Network were sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Many Millennium Mileposts have been painted by local Sustrans Rangers in a variety of colour schemes.

Time Trail Discs
Each milepost contains a Time trail disc and there are five series containing fifty different designs.

  T1 - set of four - "The Seasons"
T2 - set of six - "The Continents"
T3 - set of eight - "The Ages of Man"
T4 - set of twelve - "The Signs of the Zodiac"
T5 - set of twenty - "The Centuries"

The symbols when placed on the record card spell out a message revealing the secret of the Time Trail.

A record card can be obtained from Sustrans with instructions on how to do this.

Millennium Mileposts are listed by County
and are shown in westbound order.

Click here for Cumbria

Click here for Northumberland

Click here for Tyneside

To see a photograph of each Milepost click the high-lighted identity number.

Location Grid Ref Type Time Trail Disc

Thornhill ??W
On railway path.

NY011084 McColl ??


Location Grid Ref Type Time Trail Disc
Brampton ??W
on track alongside base of A69(T) road embankment.
NY 527517 Rowe ??


Between Blayney Row and Tynemouth there are 12 Millennium Mileposts

In Newcastle these are of the Rowe type.
In North Tyneside they are a mixture of Rowe & Mills type.

The missing direction arms were replaced during Spring / Summer 2004

Click i.d. number to view photograph of that Millennium Milepost.

Location Grid Ref Type Time Trail Disc
Blayney Row 264W 3-Way Post
At end of Wylam Waggonway on north side of road.
Arms fitted and painted May 2004
NZ 151654 Rowe Fitted
Newburn Bridge 265W 2-Way Post
At end of off-road cycleway.
Arms fitted and painted May 2004
NZ 166653 Rowe Fitted
Lemington 263W 2-Way Post
Riverside promenade under Blaydon Bridge
NZ 193643 Rowe Fitted

Scotswood 154W 3-Way post
North end of footbridge over Scotswood Road.
Arms fitted and painted May 2004

NZ 202638 Rowe Fitted
Newcastle Business Park 155W 2-Way Post
William Armstrong Drive.
Painted May 2004
NZ 221633 Rowe Fitted
Newcastle Quayside 156W 2-Way Post
Underneath the High Level Bridge
New arms installed and painted June 2004
NZ 251638 Rowe Fitted

East Quayside 157W 2-Way Post
Mouth of Ouseburn - East Quayside
New arms fitted and painted June 2004

NZ 265641 Rowe Fitted
St. Peters 158W 2-Way Post
Overlooking St. Peters Basin
Painted June 2004
NZ 277636 Rowe Fitted
Wellbeck Road 262W 2-Way Post
Mary's Place
- Wellbeck Road
Painted June 2004
NZ 297647 Rowe Fitted
Davy Bank 81W 2-Way Post
Hadrian Road - West end of Willington Viaduct
Painted May 2004
NZ 314666 Rowe Fitted

Howdon Lane 29E 2-Way Post
east side
Painted June 2004

NZ 326666 Mills Fitted
North Shields 30E 2-Way Post
Riverside promenade overlooking the R. Tyne.
Painted by a local Primary School June 2003
NZ 364686 Mills Fitted

If you have any pictures of the Millennium Mileposts in Cumbria and Northumberland
and would like to see them included here - please send at 900 x 600 resolution along with details of :-
location, type , Time Trail disc number and any other information - painted by etc.