Crossing the River Tyne
Ovingham and Tynemouth

You can cross - Over, Under or On the River Tyne.

Between Ovingham and Tynemouth there are dozens of ways to cross the River Tynewith many
varied and unique bridges the latest being the Gateshead Millennium "Blinking Eye" bridge.

The seven bridges linking Newcastle to Gateshead form an impressive and unique combination
and an application is being proposed to list these as a World Heritage Site.

Hadrian's Cycleway NC 72 passes close to all of the river crossings shown below.
Those indicated form part of the cycle route with several others
being used to link across the river to other
National Cycle Network

The Tyne Road Tunnel cannot be used by Cyclists

Two excellent books have been published full of excellent information..

"Crossing the Tyne"
by F. Manders and R. Potts
Photographs, maps and information.
Tyne Bridge Publishing.

"The River Tyne - from Sea to Source"
by Ron Thornton
A collection of watercolour paintings, sketches and information.
Zymurgy Publishing

All photographs taken by Doug Ridgway using a Kodak DX3600 digital camera.

Click on each picture for enlarged view with information and facts on each crossing point.

The crossings are shown in the order you pass or cross over them

( 1 )

Ovingham Bridges
NCN 72
On Hadrian's Cycleway

( 2 )

Hagg Bank Bridge
NCN 72
On Hadrian's Cycleway


( 3 )

Wylam Road Bridge

( 4 )

Newburn Bridge

( 5 )

Lemington Bridge
NCN 72
On Hadrian's Cycleway


( 6 )

Blaydon Bridge
( 7 )

Scotswood Rail Bridge

( 8 )

Scotswood Road Bridge
Links to NCN 14


( 9 )

Redheugh Bridge
( 10 )

King Edward VII Bridge

( 11 )

QE II Metro Bridge


( 12 )

High Level Bridge

( 13 )

Swing Bridge
Links to NCN 14

( 14 )

Tyne Bridge

( 15 )

Gateshead Millennium Bridge
Links to NCN 14


( 16 )

Tyne Road Tunnel
(No Cyclists allowed)


( 17 )

Tyne Cycle and Pedestrian Tunnels
Links to NCN 14


( 18 )

Shields Ferry
On Hadrian's Cycleway
Links to NCN 1 & 14