About the Site

This site will eventually cover all the
National Cycle Network routes shown on
the Sustrans Three Rivers Map,
Comprising NCN 1,7,14 & 72

Some other linking routes are included

Last Update - August 10th. 2004

All routes are now described in both directions

Landmarks / Artworks / Bridges etc. in process of being added

At each junction along these routes you will be able
to choose which path to continue on.

Initially each section will contain guide notes with sketch maps only, later
information about Places of Interest, Bridges, Landmarks, Artwork,
Sculptures etc. to be found along the routes will be added.

Sketch Maps

These schematic maps are provided to help guide you through difficult areas or where the Sustrans map is either unclear or not up-to-date due to changes in the route. Any route changes will be indicated in the guide notes.

Note these maps are not to scale or orientated to North.
Only sufficient road layouts are shown to allow you to navigate.
Roads and other features have been "straightened" to keep
the maps to a minimal size consistent with clarity.

Sufficient key features such as buildings, bridges etc.
are included to indicate the route.

Any problem points i.e. busy road crossings etc.
are indicated with appropriate warnings.

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