Route Profiles

Gradient profiles are an approximation only.
Height are in Metres above Mean Sea Level. Distances are in Imperial Miles.
Vertical height is exaggerated - the hills are not as steep as they might appeared!!
A large proportion of the Three Rivers follows railway paths with easy gradients.
The steeper gradients are to be found on road - especially at Durham.

Middlesbrough to Tynemouth

Middlesbrough to Wingate via Stoctkton
Virtually flat until after Stockton then a steady easy climb on the railway path to Wingate and the summit at Haswell.

Wingate to Ryhope - Direct
Following the railway path - after haswell there is a steady decent to Ryhope

Wingate to Ryhope via Seaham
After Haswell steeply descends down into Seaham before climbing back up to rejoin the railway path and the easy descent to Ryhope

Ryhope to South Shields and Tynemouth
A gradual rise through the Tunstall Hills to Silksworth then descends to Sunderland.
before an undulating route along the coast to South Shields and Tynemouth.

Consett to SunderlandA gradual slight rise to a summit at Annfield Plain - then a long descent to cross the East Coast main line. Then is a slight rise to Washington before a steep descent to the River Wear followed
by a steep climb back up again !! Then another shorter descent and ascent at North Hylton.
Thereafter an undulating route along the north bank of the River Wear to the coast at Roker.

Stockton to South Shields

From the junction with NCN 1 this section is fairly flat until joining the railway path at Crimdon, with an easy steady uphill gradient to a summit at Haswell.

From Haswell a gradual descent to Sherburn then a slight rise - followed by a steep descent down to Durham. After crossing the River Wear there is a short very steep ascent then descent to join the railway path.
A steady gentle climb up the Lanchester Valley. Shortly after Lanchester the railway path has been obliterated (by opencast mining) and there is a steeper rise and fall before continuing on the railway path again to the ultimate summit at Lydgetts Junction. 240 mtrs above sea level.

From Lydgetts junction - Consett there is a steady gradual descent down the Derwent valley to Blaydon. There are a couple of short steep ramps down and up where rail bridges have been removed.
Then an undulating route along the south bank of the River Tyne all the way to South Shields.

Blaydon to Tynemouth

(note - verticlal scale of this profile is 2X)
Follows an undulating route along the north bank of the River Tyne
generally on promenades or railway paths with minor gradients each
side of road crossings
where railway bridges have been removed.
There is a short flight of steps and a steep ramp in North Shields

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