Guide Note - Introduction

Schematic Map showing relationship of the National Cycle Network
routes between the Rivers Tees, Wear and Tyne


All routes are described in both directions allowing for a virtual journey
with a choice of route to continue on as each junction is reached.

Select and Click sign to go to Introduction page for that route

On each Introduction page you can select your start place and direction of travel

To return to the Introduction page click the large NCN sign at top of each guide note page

Note 1

NCN 14 within Gateshead is described on the Cycle-Gateshead website with links from Three Rivers website for NCN 14 from Consett and South Shields.
This will open in a new window.

Cycle-Gateshead (includes all cycle routes within the Gateshead)

Note 2

NCN 72 Hadrian's Cycleway is described on Hadrian's Cycleway website with links to and from NCN 14 - this will open in a new window.

Ovingham Bridge to Tynemouth

Tynemouth to Ovingham Bridge

Index of guide note abbreviations
Turn left
Tee Junction
Turn Right
Cross Roads
Found on your Left
Found on your Right
Shared use path - pedestrians and cyclists
Segregated Cycle Path
Straight Over
Straight Ahead

Sketch Maps

The maps of the towns and other areas are:

Not always orientated to North
Diagrammatic Only - Not to Scale
Show only sufficient information to navigate by.

Use Direction signs to navigate along the routes and to select required route at junctions

Note not all signs within the text are "active"
if sign is "active" the mouse pointer will change to a hand and
will leadyou to the linked page.
All direction signs at bottom of each page are "Active"

Due to the complex pattern of these cycle routes there are many links within the guide
notes - hopefully after a lot of cross checking these are all working
correctly but if you find any do not work or are incorrect
please contact me here

Doug on the Tyne 2004