The Community Rangers Programme

There are more than 1450 Sustrans Rangers, each looking after a section of the National Cycle Network near their home.
As the National Cycle Network continues to grow, Rangers have a vital role to play.
Their contribution ensures that the Network remains accessible to all, attractive and safe to use.
Rangers act as the 'eyes and ears' for Sustrans. They ride their route regularly to monitor signing, report potential dangers and obstructions to us, and deal with some minor problems themselves. Sustrans also relies on Rangers to look after hundreds of unique sculptures and 1000 Millennium Mileposts on the Network.

Rangers are a key link between Sustrans and their community. Many initiate or participate in local events, where they promote Sustrans and the National Cycle Network; they lead rides and walks on their section of route; distribute publicity to local businesses; recommend new 'stamping points and staff stalls at local fetes. Rangers also feedback valuable suggestions from their community for amendments to routes and many of these ideas have been incorporated into the Network. The role of a Ranger will vary depending on whether the route is open or still in the development stage.
Rangers come from all walks of life and all age groups. Whilst some of them prefer to work alone, many work closely with neighbouring Rangers. You may even find that you are sharing your stretch of cycle route with a Ranger who lives in the next street! Many Rangers have now formed themselves into groups and meet regularly, often in a local pub, to co-ordinate their work and get to know each other.

Liaison Rangers, are assigned to a longer sections of the National Cycle Network and act as the leader for other Rangers who have shorter sections.
The Liaison Ranger provides the key point of contact between the Rangers, Sustrans and Local Councils.

There are annual training sessions each Spring across the UK. Rangers also receive a detailed handbookand biannual newsletter to keep them up to date. We provide other essentials such as a reflective safety jacket, signs and maps, and we cover necessary expenses. When you become a Ranger you will be put in touch with other Rangers in your area and you will receive continuing support from staff in the Ranger Team.

You may only have a couple of hours a month or it may become one of your principal interests. Whatever time you can offer, we would like to hear from you.


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