Shipyard Cranes along the River Tyne

Soon after passing the gas holder tank at Walker the shipyard cranes come into view along the river banks.
Despite severe contraction in recent decades there are still ship building and repair yards along the river.
The skyline is punctuated with many types of cranes for the next few miles.

Hammerhead Crane

Built 1920's and capable of lifting 250 tons. Formally used to lift heavy items of machinery - such as boiler's, engines and gun turrets into ships fitting out at the Neptune Naval yard.

It is still in use today lifting huge drums, like giant cotton reels onto offshore oil vessels.

These contain high pressure oil pipes for use on the offshore oil fields and are manufactured at the adjacent factory.


Level Lufffing Cranes

Cranes at
Swan Hunters Shipyards

as seen from
Hadrian's Cycleway
going east to Tynemouth.

Level Lufffing Cranes

Titan III - Floating Crane
Seen from Hadrian's Cycleway at the Malaya Drive Road Crossing

Hammerhead Crane at Swan Hunters as seen from NCN 72 near Segedunum Roman Fort.

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