As you near the The Marina Activity Centre you cycle past the point "A" marked on Map 1. The first photograph above depicts The Torrens a seagoing vessel - "The 'Torrens' (1875, 1335 GRT) was a three-masted iron vessel built by James Lang of Sunderland for the Elder Line. It was the last fully rigged (all sail) passenger clipper ever built. She made annual trips to Adelaide until she was sold in 1903. She was specially designed to carry passengers to Australia. A beautiful and swift vessel, she held many records for the trip (roughly 64 days). She was broken up in 1910. During the return voyages of 1891-92 and 1892-93, Józef Korzeniowski (who later became famous as the writer Joseph Conrad) served as Chief Officer". It can be viewed in correct persective from the seat positioned for that purpose. Alongside are "doorways" with a marine aspect.

At the end of a promontory on Map 1 shown as "a" you will find the three seabirds in stages of flight, seen in the last photograph above. I have always taken them to be Cormorants but then I am not too good with identifying birds, particularly metal ones. In the background you can just see some buoys painted blue. And further in the background a white building, to the left of the birds, is The Marina Activity Centre.