The photograph at the top left of the page are the lime kilns, which are the west most point of the C2C riverside route in Sunderland. The light coloured wall which is in the distance is a wall that describes how lime was made, what it was used for and how the lime kilns worked.

The photograph at the top & middle of the page , shows the sculpture just below the Stadium of Light on the bankside of the River Wear.The sculpture represents the toil of the Miners that worked at Wearmouth Colliery. The colliery being on the site of the stadium prior to the stadium being built. Alongside and to the right of this photograph is a steel structure recalling that this was the area of the Wearmouth Colliery pit head and details around the circumference of the history of the colliery.

The central photograph tells the story of a local miners family in Ryhope and the daily routine of the miner and his family. This plaque is mounted in the surface of the path of the C2C cycleway, all these features are worth stopping and reading.

The photograph at the bottom left of the page shows the original coal staithes support structure. This supported the conveyor that carried the coal before the coal was dropped into the colliers. The central and righthand photograph at the bottom of the page recalls the finding of shrimp living on the pit bottom and fossils found whilst digging for coal.