Map 35

Map 35 , the area marked "A" is the site of the lime kilns. Lime being used in the manufacture of various products, beside the lime kilns are informative plaques on how the lime kilns functioned and what lime was used for - makes for interesting reading. The area marked "B" is the site of artwork representing the toil of the miners at Wearmouth Colliery. The Stadium of Light having been built on the site of the colliery. Beside the Stadium is a piece of art in the form of a miners lamp. The area marked "C" is the site of the Wearmouth Colliery coal staithes were the coal was dropped by conveyor into the "bumblebees".

Map 36

Map 36, the area marked "A" extra care is needed at this junction. Many a cyclist has taken a wrong turning in this area.

The point where the route splits is just after going under two underpasses at the end of Queen Alexandra bridge, adjacent to Richard Hardie Peugot, turning right to follow the riverside route.

The C2C route splits at this point and you can either take the solid blue line route down to the riverside and see the art along the riverside. Or you can carry straight along and follow the broken blue line route along the roadside route via the stadium - later joining with the riverside C2C route.

Map 37

Map 37, the two underpasses under the road network at the North end of Queen Alexandra bridge, marked by "A".