Map 38

Map 38, the C2C route crosses Hylton Park road at the area marked "A" and proceeds in an easterly direction between a tree lined access point. The area alongside the river being known as Timber Beach.

Map 39

Map 39, the C2C follows the riverside - River Wear.

Map 40

Map 40, the C2C rises up a bank from North Hylon up Ferryboat Lane. At the top of the bank the C2C crosses the road at the area marked "A". The C2C carries on along Grange Road but care is needed in this area. Many a cyclist has continued straight on into Castletown and got slightly lost. Look out for the NCN "7" sign on the lampost on the right. Just after the signpost , assuming you are cyling East towards the North Sea - the C2C crosses the path and follows an off-road path. If you find that you go under a bridge and there are houses either side of the road - you will have missed your turning !!!

Following the riverside off-road path, if you look to the south side of the river - you will see a "cliff face". This is Claxheugh Rock. It is believed that a sandy strata in the rock is evidence that the layer was once desert like. Or so I was told when on a guided walk by a "trust" officer. Also on the south shore of the river is the rowing club and this area is about the point where salt water from the sea mingles with the fresh water from the river. On the south shore there being salt marshes and the river still being tidal around this area.

Map 41

Map 41, the C2C is off-road with Nissan Manufacturing to the North of you. Follow the track and there is an A -frame at the end, the area marked "A". The A-frames are, I know, quite annoying at times but there is quite a problem of motorcycles, mini-motos etc. using the cycle routes and the A-frames deter them from using the routes, but not with 100% success unfortunately.

You double back on yourself down a tarmac road, which is an access road to the farm - so watch out for farm traffic. Cycle under the A19 via the underpass. The C2C goes down hill to North Hylton, and follows Ferryboat Lane up a bank - just nicely placed for those weary legs. [Up river, to your right, just about under the A19 bridge is a public house. Good ale, toilets and good food]. Ferryboat Lane being named as there was a Ferry across the Wear between North Hylton and South Hylton. Hytlon deriving its name from Hylton Castle and the Hiltons that owned the castle. There is also believed to be possible evidence of a Roman crossing across the river at this point with possible Roman keystones being found in the area of the River Wear.