Map 17 Map 18

Map 17, not much to say for this part of the route apart from that there is quite a steep drop either side of the track, as the cycleway follows the old rail line above a steep embankment. There are several paths off the East and to West of the track whick lead to slip roads down to the A1018.

Map 18, again some tracks off to the West which leads to Nettles Lane and to Old Burdon Village. NCN1 continues Southwards - represented by the purple line. The route takes you on to Wingate, Station Town , Hart Village to name just a few places but the Wearside Sustrans Ranger team's responsibility takes us Eastwards at the area marked "A" down to Seaham Town centre. Our section of the NCN1 joins again with the NCN1 (purple) line further South near to Murton / South Hetton.

Our section of the NCN1 takes an easterly route at "A", skirting an agricultural field - so if wet then this part of NCN1 can be slighlty soft and muddy. The track goes under the A1018 in two places by tunnels under the roadway. To come out in the middle of Seaham Grange Industrial Estate. Following the road North it provides an exit from the Industrial Estate.

Map 19 Map 20

Map 19, following the road North as mentioned in Map 18 above we come to a T-Junction which leads down to Stockton Road. Stockton road can be quite busy at times, so care is needed in turning South along this Road.

At the top of Lord Byron's walk the cycletrack is off -road once more, following the side of Lord Byron's walk.

Map 20, part way down Lord Byron's walk the cycletrack crosses the road, care is needed when crossing this road as the traffic can be quite fast. Follow Burnhall Drive with the Secondary School on the West of the road. At the end of Burnhall Drive turn West onto Northlea Road. Care is needed at the area marked "B" as the sign showing the corrcet route was missing. The correct route follows a southerly route with allotments in the area marked "A". At the end of this street turn West and then south again down Station Road after about 50 metres.