Map 1

The dotted red line is a dual usage path that incorprates "Bedes Way" that runs from the "home" of St. Bede at St. Peter's Church through to Jarrow. Where St. Bede later based. I suppose this route could provide an alternative route to Roker via. Pier View, although then the correct combined W2W / NCN1 route (red line) would not be followed and you would miss the artwork along the riverside area. For the detail of the correct route to follow and further information please read the text below.

Near to the Marina, at the area marked "a" and "A" there are some interesting pieces of artwork that you can "interact" with. "The Marina Centre" that I have highlighted on the map is in fact The Marina Activities Centre, here you can have a shower if you wish.

Link to an index page with the artwork along the riverside

Also at the activity centre you can have your C2C stamping card "stamped" to record that you have started or completed the C2C route. Attached to the activity centre are some shops and a cafe. Inside the activity centre there is an interesting feature known as a Tufa created as a result of water seeping through the underground rock and creating calcified stalagtites around the roots and grasses. If you ask at the reception desk of the actvities centre they will direct you to the Tufa.

Most cyclists attempting the C2C / W2W normally cycle West to East to make the ride slightly more easier by using the prevailing winds from the West, so Roker is quite often the finishing point for the coast-to-coast rides. At the "finishing" point there is a ramp that leads down from the promenade to the sandy beach and then access to the North Sea - an ideal spot to "dip your wheels". Which of course could also be the point to "dip your wheels" at the start of the ride if you happen to be going East to West !

Some local venues in the Roker area: The Smugglers Pub is slightly further North along Marine Walk promenade - good ales and a local music venue - see the link on the "end of the route" webpage.

The Café Bungalow is just beside the roundabout at the junction of Pier View / Roker Terrace / Harbour View - map 1.

There are various B&B's and Hotels in the area of Roker not far away from the start/finish point, I have no personal knowledge of the availablity of cycle storage etc. If you use any of the B&B's or Hotels in the areae and if you can provide me with some feedback then I'll gladly add your comments and experiences to this website.

Jeans Guest House 0191 5657036; Chaise Guest House 0191 5659218; Beach View 0191 5670719; Anchor Lodge 0191 5674154;

Roker View 0191 5657354; The Balmoral 0191 5659217; The Terrace Guest House 0191 5650132.

The Roker Hotel 0191 5671786 ; Lemonfield Hotel 0191 5293018; The Pullman lodge Hotel 0191 5292020;

Mayfield Hotel 0191 5293345 ; The Promenade 0191 5292226.

Map 2

The area marked "B" is a piece of artwork known as the Red Room. The area "C" is the site of the The National Glass Centre.

Link to an index page with the artwork along the riverside