Map 5 Map 6

Map 5, there is unfortunately a section of the W2W/NCN1 cycle route adjacent to Eden House Road on the Durham Road where motorists park on the cycle route. We are trying very hard to tackle this problem and all I can do is apologise for the lack of consideration of the motorists for this inconsiderate parking and ask for your patience and care when cycling in this area. This is where we start to see a bit of glass on the cycle routes between Wearhead Drive and Ranson Street.

Map 6, again we see some broken glass at times on the cycle route between Ranson Street and Richard Avenue. At the junction of Richard Avenue and Durham Road the cycle route crosses Durham Road by a pedestrian light controlled crossing, the cycle route then uses the pavement to go around carpark that belongs to The Barnes public house (good carvery). The cycle route is then off-road using an old mineral rail line. Going underneath the roadway via an underpass at the area marked "H". The cycle route travelling through a tree-lined off-road section which again can have broken glass at most times. The Wearside Sustrans Rangers try to sweep this section of the cycleroute, in particular the underpass, on a regular basis - sometimes every weekend in the Summer months. Again I apologise for the broken glass produced in this part of the "outer" urban areas of Sunderland, we do try to keep this area as clear of glass as possible.