Map 9 Map 10

Map 9 after leaving the area of the Silksworth Ski Slope the route crosses Silksworth Lane with an island in the centre of the road. The cycleway continues via the A-Frame access point and goes under the roadway adjacent to Durham Terrace. Map 10, beside Dene Street the cycleway enters a tree and shrub lined route and begins to approach the area of Tunstall Hills.

Map 11 Map 12

Map 11, the cycleway crosses Tunstall Hope Road and Tunstall Hills are to the East of the route. On the opposite side of the track shown as a green area and notated in the picture as "Ryhope". This once was the site of the Ryhope Colliery Pit Heap which was leter developed as Ryhope 9 Hole Golf Course, which no longer exists today. At the top of the hill is The Venerable Bede Secondary School.

Map 12, the cycleway passes to the west of Tunstall Hills which is a site of Special of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) -Tunstall Hill and Ryhope Cutting. Tunstall Hill is a site which has examples of fossilised underwater sealife!! The cyclepath has another path joining at an area marked "A" this is a local path to Hollycarrside and is not part of NCN1. The NCN1 continues and at the area marked "D" there is a cycleway that exits NCN1 to the South and this is a cyclelink to The Venerable Bede Secondary School and this cyclepath is not part of NCN. Also at the area marked "D" , to the south of NCN1 are several pigeon lofts / crees - one in particular is a Grade 2 "listed" building and as such is protected. Unfortunately the site is marked for development and the lease of the land terminates on New Years Day 2007 - so the protected "building" is under threat. NCN1 continues via an A Frame at an area marked "B" and the cycleway follows the tarmaced path to the south of the carpark - in the distance can be seen a Sustrans Milepost to mark the route. Through the A frame adjacent to this milepost, NCN1 follows a "cinder" track towards the coast.

Local knowledge:- This area beside the Sustrans Milepost was once the site of Ryhope Colliery. The cyclepath that I mention that links up with The Venerable Bede Secondary School is on the site of a street that no longer exists. The street was Brick Row , my Father being born in No. 3 Brick Row. My Grandfather and his father before him, being shoemakers, in particular shoemakers for the colliery workers. At a later date my Grandfather having the shop attached to The Guidepost Public House that was J.N.Willcock's Cobblers and is currently Tried Togs.