Map 7 Map 8

Map 7, take care at the area marked "J" there is a path that leads off across a small bridge across a stream - This is not the W2W / NCN1 cycle route! The cycle route briefly joins the pathway at Premier Road. At the area marked "K" the cycle route crosses the Premier Road dual carriageway via a central island .

Map 8, the cycle route is off-road again after crossing Premier Road.

Note:- Particular care is needed at the area marked "L". As this is where the combined W2W / NCN1 cycle route splits into the separate routes. The NCN1 follows the route shown by the red line across a small bridge towards Sainsbury's Supermarket (Toilets and Cafe). Whereas the W2W follows the blue line route. There was a signpost at the marked point "L" but some "kind" person wished to cut it down with a Stihl saw. We have resorted to putting self adhesive signs at this junction "1" for the NCN1 and "20" for the W2W - but these only remain as long as the "youths" let them stay attached to the post. Again, I apologise if the junction is not marked when you reach this point.

The Silksworth Ski Slope Centre shown as the purple block also has toilets available to use.

Local knowledge:- The purple lines are showing pathways used to access the Sunderland Ski Slope areas, the cycle group that I co-formed meets at the carpark in front of the Ski Slope building every fortnight on a Sunday morning - Wearside Family Cycle Group (WFCG). These pathways are not part of the NCN1 cycle route !

This area was originally the site of Silksworth Colliery, the cycle track beside the bridge at "L" and down to the City Centre following the original mineral railway line on which coal was transported down to the River and the Docks. Some of the coal being shipped by colliers down to London for use at Battersea Power Station. My Father was Chief Engineer on the Fulham Colliers' taking coal down to London during and after the Second World War.

The blue line being the W2W cycle route that uses sections of the original mineral rail lines from Eppleton Colliery, this route is also part of The George Stephenson Trail.

The NCN1 at the area marked "M" on map 8 above, the route crosses the road with a small island in the middle of the road. NCN1 continues via the A-Frame access point and goes under the roadway adjacent to Durham Terrace. Detailed maps from 9 thorugh to 23 on other pages accessed from the Map page.

W2W detail maps can be accessed from the Map page - click link the below and follow the maps numbered 24 thought to 34.