Map 13 Map 14

Map 13, NCN1 goes over a bridge that spans Black Road, the cycleway then following the tarck alongside some agricultural fields.

It is possible to take ashortcut through either Athelstan Rigg or Byony Toft, however the correct route is via an A Frame adjacent to Ryhope Road. The cycleway dropping down to Ryhope Road before climbing again up Cliff Road to the area adjacent to Ryhope Green.

Map 14, now in the centre of Ryhope Village. NCN1 crosses the road in the centre of the village by a pedestrian light controlled crossing. The cyclepath using the dual usage path around a green area following Stockton Road before going Eastwards down Station Road. At te eastern end of Station Road the cycleway goes South for a short way following Moir Terrace. [The orignal Moir Terrace being another road in which the Willcock family once lived].

At the end of Moir Terrace NCN1 goes west for about 50 metres then through an A Frame and once more onto an old rail line. In fact the original Ryhope Station is still in existence and has been restored in years goe by. Slightly damaged these days due to a fire being set on the wooden steps. NCN1 now going through a rail cutting with the sea and the cliff tops to the East behind the housing.

Map 15 Map 16


Map 15, the area marked "A" there is a path into the housing estate which is Featherbed Lane. This is not presently considered part of NCN1 but could be shortcut to the top of Station Road adjacent to Ryhope Green, but this would mean that would miss out the site of the old Ryhope Station bridge. The area marked "B" is a set of staggered barriers which is to help prevent a conflict between pedestrians and cyclists travelling too fast on the descent of this bank, so please give consideration to pedestrians in this area.NCN1 now has to cross what will be a major traffic route - Southern Radial Route - via a light controlled pedestrian crossing. The radial route will carry road traffic and by-pass the areas of Ryhope and Grangetown taking the traffic to the East of Sunderland City Centre.

Map 16, NCN1 crosses the A1018 using an old rail bridge. To the West is the Ryhope and Cherry Knowle Hospitals. NCN1 climbing gently Southwards.