Map 21 Map 22

Map 21, continue down Station Road. Care is needed at the area marked "A" at the roundabout traffic can be fast travelling North along Station Road. Continue down Station Road after the roundabout to the gate at the rail tracks at Seaham Rail Station, area marked "B". This is the main east coast line, so please take extra care crossing this busy rail line. Exit the station area via the gate on the other side of the rail tracks and proceed down Harbour Walk. Beside the Church, area marked "C", to the North of harbour Walk, you should be able to see a path with low level bollards on the South side of Harbour Walk. This takes you off-road down an old mineral line.

Map 22, under the Tempest Road via an underpass, area marked "A". This can sometimes be covered with broken glass - so do please take care. Again a by-product of urban areas. The off -road section bringing you out at the north end of Adelaide Row. Cycling eastwards brings you into almost the center of Seaham Town. You can then cycle Southwards across Church Street, area marked "B",pedestrianised so do give way to pedestrians . Following South Crescent, South Terrace and entering Foundry Road will take you out of the Southern end of Seaham. Taking the westerly route along Ropery Walk will lead you in the correct direction to join up with NCN1 (purple) again - see Map 18.

Map 23

Map 23, at the end of Ropery Walk there is a rail bridge that you will need to go under, taking the pathway to the North side of the bridge if you wish,. Following the path at the north side of Cottages Road - off-road, area marked "A". Then continuing along this off-road route with the Golf Course to the South of the path. This will bring you up to the roads adjacent to Dalton Park and the A19. Crossing the slip roads leading to the A19 you can access another off-road section to the South of Murton that leads to South Hettton via an A- Frame. Be extra vigilant in this area as the signage is there, but not too obvious. From South Hetton you can link up with NCN1 once again.

I will develop some maps for the Murton/South Hetton area in the coming weeks even though this is outside of our "official" area.