Map 3

The dotted red line, above in map 3, is a dual usage path that incorprates "Bedes Way" (when you reach St. Peters Way and St. peters Church) that runs from the "home" of St. Bede at St. Peter's Church through to Jarrow. Where St. Bede later based. I suppose this route could provide an alternative route to Roker via. Pier View, although then the correct C2C(blue line) and combined W2W / NCN1 route (red line) would not be followed and you would miss the artwork along the riverside area. For the detail of the correct route to follow please read the text below.

Map 3, the area marked "D" are several pieces of artwork some interactive and some representative of the history of the area - rivets and nuts and bolts - and the Shipyards. Sunderland being famous as the largest shipbuilding town in England in years gone by..

You will see in map 3, the Blue cycle routes(C2C) merging with the red cycle routes (W2W and NCN1). The C2C can be cycled along two routes; one route following the riverside under the Wearmouth Bridge (with the Stadium of Light above you) and pasing the Lime Kilns, one route going though the "sheepfolds" and passing the Stadium of Light. Further westards the two C2C routes merge again near to the Queen Alexandra bridge.

Link to an index page with the artwork along the riverside

Map 4


Map 4, the area marked "E" the W2W/NCN1 follows different routes depending upon whether you are travelling East or West. If travelling eastwards towards Roker then the route follows the "purple" line. If travelling westwards away from Roker then the route follows the "red" line. The area marked "F" shows the route going beneath the roadway via an underpass. The area marked "G" shows the route going over the metro rail line via a bridge.