Map 26


Map 27

Map 26, there are several other paths (purple) that could be confused with the W2W route, but if you look out for the "20" signs you shouldn't go wrong. The area marked "A" this is the site of the Health and Racquet Club, may be some traffic using the access road for the carparking, take care. The areas marked "B" are sites of A-frames into the wooded area known as Silksworth Plantation.. The A-frames are, I know, quite annoying at times but there is quite a problem of motorcycles, mini-motos etc. using the cycle routes and the A-frames deter them from using the routes, but not with 100% success unfortunately. The area marked "C" is a bend in the track that needs some care, the track has a tight bend at the bottom of the banked section, but it signed with warning signs. Take care not to take the wrong path at the apex of the bend, but if you look out for the "20" signs you shouldn't go wrong. The area marked "D" there is a track on the corner that is not part of the W2W. It is not very likely that you would take this path and it is only really visible if you are travelling towards Sunderland. As you access the roadway at the area marked "E", more of an issue if you are cycling West, the bend in the road at Burdon Lane is quite close to where you cross onto the opposite side of the road. Traffic travels quite fast on this section of Burdon Lane, it is a country road and it is a bit of a blind corner to cars travelling towards Hangmans Lane.

Map 27, there is an incline between the points "E" and "F", the area marked "F" is the site of the North East Karting centre (PitStop Cafe and Toilets). It could be busy at times so take care to give way to the traffic. There is an incline between the points "F" and "G", the W2W crosses the B1404 at the area marked "G" and traffic can travel quite fast on this de-restricted speed road. So please take care and allow yourself plenty of time to cross this intersection.

Map 28

Map 29

Map 28, the area marked "A" is the turning at the wooded area, Sharpley Woods. The W2W signs "20" are on low level wood posts at the side of the track and on a metal post at the junction with the country lane. This country lane has some fast moving traffic and horses, the vehicles quite often don't expect to find horses and cyclist on the lane - so take care and keep into the left. The lane marked "B" it is feasible to link up with NCN1 via this lane, but I would guess most cyclists in this area would be following the W2W coast to coast route. However, if anyone wishes to receive directions on linking with NCN1 please contact me by email on

The area marked "C" is the site of some wind turbines - may help with getting a feel for where you are, take care not to follow the purple route.

Map 29, the area marked "D" , another purple track that is not part of the W2W. The area marked "E" is the purple track into Eppleton Colliery, which is not part of the W2W. Eppleton Colliery is currently being reclaimed by open cast mining. The colliery used to use the old mineral railway line from Broomhill, which is now part of the George Stephenson Trail, to carry coal to Sunderland. The W2W follows the George Stephenson Trail as you near Sunderland.