Map 30 Map 31

Map 30, there are several other paths (purple) that could be confused with the W2W route, but if you look out for the "20" signs you shouldn't go wrong. The area marked "A" is the site of Eppleton Colliery, no longer in use and currenty being reclaimed. There is a reasonable steep incline in this area, just nice for those weary legs if you are riding East towards Sunderland. The area marked "B" is to highlight the alternative route via Hetton Town centre; with a Greggs bakery shop, various takeaway meal shops and pubs etc. The area marked "C" is the site of Hetton Lyons Country Park, with the man-made lake in the middle. The park is used by various clubs - The Hetton Hawks Cycling Club, a Tri-Atholon Club, a canoeing club and Pedal Power (cycling for the disabled) to name but a few. It is recommended that you cycle around the lake in an anti-clockwise direction on the W2W map. Officially this is where our responsibility for the W2W ends or starts depending upon which direction you are cycling, we cover from Roker pier to Hetton Lyons Country Park for Sustrans. Un-officially we normally survey the W2W route a few miles further on towards Durham in an area known as Low Pittington.

The area marked "D" is the site of a public house just to the side of the route on North Road - The Fox and Hounds. Then at the area marked "E" the W2W goes underneath Moorsley Road , with Moorsley Road going over the old mineral line by a bridge. Also at "E" is an A-frame, the A-frames are, I know, quite annoying at times but there is quite a problem of motorcycles, mini-motos etc. using the cycle routes and the A-frames deter them from using the routes, but perhaps not with 100%success. Unfortunately the bridge is also used as a congregation point by "youths" and often suffers from broken glass. Although it is not really up to the Wearside Ranger group to keep this area clean we do help the Durham Ranger group cover this area on a few occasions over the year and take away any rubbish.

Map 31, there is an off-road T-junction at the area marked "F" the purple route not being part of the W2W. Also at "F" is an A-frame.

Map 32

Map 32, there are a few A-frames along the route between the W2W joing Moorsley Road and the area marked "F" on Map 31. Annoying I know but sometimes necessary to limit the illegal use of the cycle routes by motor vehicles. The area marked "A" on map 32 is the site of The Blacksmiths Arms, Low Pittington which is known locally for good food. At the same point the W2W follows a staggered crossing and follows Lady's Piece Lane, this lane has some quite fast moving traffic so please keep into the left and take care.