WearsideCycle Group (Re-named January 2017)

DaveWillcock (Sustrans Ranger Wearside) and Clive Greenwood (Sunderland City Council Officer) formed in April 2007, a new cycle group for Wearside. Dave regulary lead rides in the North East of England. For the current "planned" ride list - click this link or access from the main index page and the Navigation table.

We meet every 2 weeks on a Sunday morning from 9.10am at Silksworth Ski Slope, in the car park, in front the the Ski Slope Recreation centre. We aim to set of from the Ski Slope car park at 9.30am.

The weeks in between the planned rides there are un-planned rides still from the ski slope. Cyclists meeting ad-hoc from about 9:10am and aiming to set of at 9:30am for a ride that they then agree upon.

Please get in contact for any further information, using the email link below :


The Wearside Cycle Group (WCG) is open to anyone interested in cycling in and around Wearside. Come along and find some cycle routes that you never knew existed. There is no membership, no fees, no cash to pay for the rides you only need to bring your own food and drink etc. The Group is open to singles / couples , in fact anyone; the only thing we ask is that if there are any young cyclists out there who wish to come along that they are accompanied by an adult.

Please get in touch if you need more details.


Some of the riders in the above photograph are members of the Wearside CTC.

Some of the areas we have covered since 2007


updated January 2017.