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Some Fun Cycling Routes that are Beginner Friendly in the UK

Love cycling but don’t know where you can cycle? I have some positive experiences to share with you regarding the best routes to take. If you haven’t read much about cycling routes before, now is the right time to do it.

In general, there are a lot more places to cycle in the UK than most people think. In this post, I will show you some of the cycling routes I personally find to be the most interesting.

Camel Trail in Cornwall

To begin with, I will talk about the Camel Trail cycling route, which you can find in Cornwall. This is a very nice family cycling route, with its surface mostly flat. As far as the traffic is concerned, this route is also traffic-free for the most part.

More specifically, some of the longest traffic-free sections on this route are as far as 19 kilometres. One of the very nice things about this place is that you can enjoy the view as well as the river, which you can follow as you cycle on this route.

Fun Cycling Routes Beginner Friendly In UK

Cinder Track in Scarborough

The Cinder track links Scarborough and Whitby. It is a combination of some different terrains that come one after another as you progress through. Some parts of the route will require you to cycle uphill. Because of this, you may want to bring a mountain bike instead of a thin-tyre bike for this route.

As you continue to move through this route, you will have a chance to see the old railway that was first used in the 1880s. Since you can also stop and take some food there, I’m sure that you’ll love this route.

The Helix Ecopark in Falkirk

You can find another very popular family cycling route in the Helix Ecopark. Besides being an ideal route for a family to ride their bikes on, this cycling place is beginner-friendly, too. Just like Camel Trail, this route is predominantly traffic-free and includes canals and town paths.

The sightseeing experience in this place can be unbelievable. One of the main reasons for this relates to sculptures, some of which are pretty large and sensational. As for the natural phenomena, you can brush up on your mood and reconnect with nature as you ride near the River Carron and pass through the luscious woodland.

Bristol and Bath Railway Path in Somerset

Not only is this route fun, but it can also take you from one city to another. In other words, you can take this route and get to Bath from Bristol or vice versa. A great thing about this path is that it’s one of the shortest between the two cities.

You have the option of taking a train as well, as this route is located right between the two cities’ train stations. The greenery en route is beautiful, with plenty of trees serving as decoration. In case you want to stop for a while and make yourself comfortable, there is also a cafe where you can call on and have tea or coffee.

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