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March 5, 2024
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Tips for Beginners

Tips on How to Choose the Right Bike for You

One of the most important elements for anyone looking to take up cycling is acquiring an appropriate bike. I will share with you the knowledge I have gathered so far and give you all the little things you need. There are several crucial elements you need to pay attention to. But, small as they are, they will make a huge difference in your comfort and efficiency.

What Type of Cycling Will You Do?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself. Will you be using the bike off-road, for leisurely drives with friends or for commuting? There are several types of bikes depending on their design, weight, and structure. And each will best serve a different purpose.

So, based on several factors, we can divide the bikes into the following categories:

  • Mountain Bikes
  • Leisurely/Sports Bikes
  • Hybrids
  • Electric Bikes
Bike Ride

Leisurely and Sport Bikes

These are your standard, everyday options. Although there is still a difference between the two, they are the most standard option. You will mostly use these for daily situations like going to the store, park, or just a casual drive. The sport bikes have different construction; they are lighter and faster.

Hybrid Bikes

The hybrid category is hard to define, and there is an endless list of bikes that belong here. Basically, anything between your standard and mountain bike is a hybrid. Their purpose depends on their parts, but they can be used for both everyday commutes to standard off-roading.

Basically, I recommend checking out a hybrid and opting for specific parts depending on your needs. Eventually, you will be able to swap out some of the parts and make them more suitable for different drives.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are an interesting option, which combines some sporting activity with a more leisurely approach. While I prefer standard bikes, I understand the efficiency of an electric bike for those a bit out of shape or some everyday commute that would prefer no effort.

What Is Your Budget

The next thing you want to look out for is your budget. Not everyone has the means to start with a brand-new bike. There are plenty of second-hand bikes out there; you just need to look carefully. You need to find some middle ground between the price and quality. But, with time, as you find your preference, you can invest some more money and improve on quality.

Test Ride

If you are buying a used bike, make sure to test it out. You can easily consult with the seller and ask for a test ride. Try out the bike and make sure there are no issues and, most importantly, that it suits you. Even if you are buying a new bike, a test ride would be ideal.

Additional Features

While the aforementioned two are the most crucial elements in acquiring a bike, there are numerous other factors. If you are a beginner, it will come down to what suits you the most. But, as you get more into cycling, you will need to make improvements. Thus, a hybrid bike could be your go-to option, as it allows you to swap out some parts later.

Frame Size

This is an important element which you can’t swap out without practically swapping the whole bike. You can find a frame that suits your posture and height, making it less challenging for you to cycle daily.

Frame Material

Different types of bikes come with different frames. There are some pretty lightweight options primarily used for professional cycling, races, etc. Some middle ground between a rigid and lightweight frame which comes with hybrid bikes might be ideal for beginners.


You can also look into different handlebars. There are numerous sizes and shapes. While it seems like an irrelevant factor, it could affect your posture while driving and bring a lot of comfort.

Break Systems

Another factor you can think about once you get more familiar with cycling is the brake system. For example, if you are using your bike for commuting in an urban environment, you might need a stronger disk or hydraulic disc brake system.

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