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What Are Hybrid Bikes?

If you are getting into bike riding just now, you might want to explore different types of bikes which come with some special features. One such type of bike is known as a hybrid bike, which by some standards should already be viewed as a standard bike. It is great for helping you commute to work, but will also enable you to get through various types of terrain.

Since I do own a hybrid bike and think that it is out of this world, I want to share my experience and tell you how great it actually is. So you may decide to one day swap your old bucket for this beast of a bike.

What Is a Hybrid Bike?

A hybrid bike is exactly what you think it would be after hearing the name. It is a mixture of a mountain bike and a road bike. It basically allows you to go through any type of terrain that you want, as it is an all-purpose bike meant for any situation. Most hybrid bikes tend to be used for regular commuting, but they can easily help you go through the ain irregular bump on the road with ease.

You will recognise a hybrid bike by its close-coupled frame but with a flat bar. The tyres also come with deeper threads as they provide an enhanced grip and cushioning for the rider. The versatility of this type of bike allows you to go through pathways where road bikes with skinny tyres cannot pass.

Hybrid Bike vs Road Bike vs Mountain Bike

The main difference that you will spot is the design of the handlebar. Hybrids usually have a flat one as opposed to the drop bar you will usually see on a road bike. This makes the shift and brake parts very similar to that of a mountain bike. This way, the rider can ride more comfortably in an upright position at an outright speed which is more comfortable and safer in traffic.

What Are Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes also have much larger tyres compared to road bikes, accounting for more comfort during rides. You will notice that some hybrid bikes are much closer to mountain bikes. You can deduce this by the wheel size. Hybrids usually have 26-inch wheels, which are more common on mountain bikes.

The braking system varies from bike to bike. But these days, you will see a V-brake system more often than any other. It allows hybrids to provide versatile gearing, with chainsets and wide-ranging cassettes being more common than others. Also, some hybrids may come with full mudguards. But most still have eyelets and clearances, which allows you to retrofit similar items.

How to Choose Hybrid Bikes

If you become fascinated with hybrid bikes the same way I was, you are going to want to get one right away. But don’t just get a hybrid bike for the sake of it. You need to purpose it for the exact activity and style you need.

Firstly, consider the bike’s features and components. Be sure to check the wheel size, brakes, gears, suspension, racks and even fenders. It will help you determine how the bike performs and eventually allow you to get one for your specific needs.

Also, you need to consider the bike fit. Once you consider everything mentioned above, you have to narrow down your search to the one that fits you properly. With all this out of the way, you and your new bike will be set for a jolly good time.

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