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Tips for Beginners

What Is the Most Common Problem for Beginner Cyclists?

All beginnings are hard, right? If you thought the same when starting out as a cyclist, don’t get confused, as this is true for cycling as well. As time goes by, you will notice some things that may look like setbacks at first.

But don’t worry; every problem has a solution. That’s why I’m here to tell you about some of the most common issues you may face. Of course, I’m going to try and let you know how to deal with them, too.

Health Issues

As health is the number one priority, I will focus on some troubles I experienced during my beginner cycling days. First, taking up cycling came as sort of a shock for my body. Back in the day, I wasn’t really that physically active. So, when I had my first ride, my body couldn’t keep up with the pace, especially my knees and hips.

The key here was to have lightweight rides. But sometimes, you don’t even know how much your body can handle. That’s why you should always put it to the test. You can do this by covering very small distances and then taking breaks to see how your body will react.

After a certain period, the parts of your body that sustain much pressure when cycling will become stronger. In case you feel some harsh pain, you should, of course, visit a doctor.

Beginner Cyclist

Possible Danger

At times, you may experience some more or less dangerous situations in the cycling world. The situations can be different depending on the routes and tracks you take. For example, if you are an urban cyclist, traffic can sometimes be a real nightmare.

From careless drivers all the way to the lack of road signs, you will have to keep your eyes wide open in order to stay safe. Plus, there are cities with poorly designed bike lanes.

These types of lanes bring potential harm, as there may not be enough space for you to ride, and you may bump into lots of cars on your way.

Facing potential harm on non-urban roads is not rare, either. This is mostly because the surface is not heterogeneous or uniform. For this reason, you should always pick your cycling routes with care.

Technical Problems

Another problem I had when I took my baby steps in cycling was all about my bike and how it worked. More specifically, my gear lever used to malfunction every now and then. Also, even if you’re not a hardcore cyclist, experiencing punctures and flat tires seems to be an unavoidable part of this endeavour.

Brakes can give you a headache, too. This is because they may be squeaky, which is, you would agree, pretty annoying. But that’s not the only thing to worry about here. Your brakes may not function properly.

Sometimes, they can be adjusted the wrong way and can rub up against your wheel. Having regular bike checks, using your tool kit, as well as paying visits to bike shops are good ways of maintaining your bike health.

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